15 January 2024

New Offer Exclusively In-Store at Favorite Chicken

NEW 6 For £10 Offer!

Our newest offer has been launched in your nearest branch of Favorite Chicken.

Customers can enjoy 6 pieces of traditional fried chicken for just £10. A great way to share a Favorite meal with friends or family - add your sides and tuck in. 

This deal is exclusively available in Favorite stores for takeaway until Sunday 3rd March 2024

We believe great quality freshly prepared ingredients are at the centre of great taste. Favorite Traditional Chicken pieces are prepared and cooked in store using only top quality fresh chicken from reliable approved suppliers.

Our Chicken Fillet Burgers, whether it’s Traditional, Fillet of Fire or Double Ringer, are just that – all tender chicken breast hand prepared and cooked the way only Favorite can. The same for our Crispy Fillet Strips & Chicken Poppas, whole pieces of chicken breast, not minced, not processed, just natural succulent chicken.

Favorite Fries are pure potato, blanched in sunflower oil and all Favorite cooking oils are free from harmful trans fats.

In 1998 Favorite was the first UK food chain to declare a "GM Free Zone".

At Favorite we love food and enjoying great tasting food is one of life’s greatest pleasures. Whether you’re treating yourself to lunch, are out for the evening or sharing a night in with family and friends, Favorite has something for everyone to enjoy.

New Offer Exclusively In-Store at Favorite Chicken