Chuckie’s Kids Choice Meal

Chuckie’s Kids Choice Meal

  1. Choose – 1 Chicken Drumstick, Crispy Fillet Strip, Snack Chicken Poppas or Chicken Nuggets
  2. Then Add – regular Favorite McCain Surecrisp Fries, BBQ Beans or Coleslaw Salad
  3. Pick a Drink

Then We Add The Fun!

All Chuckie’s Kids Choice Meals Come With a Chuckie Activity Box

Drumstick meal = 337 kcal. Fillet Strip meal = 291 kcal. Poppas meal = 335 kcal. Nuggets meal = 450 kcal. Serves 1.

Select Your Options
Choice of Chicken
Choose Your Chicken
Choice of Regular Side
Choose Your Side
Choice of Drink
Choose a flavour
Note: Options marked with are mandatory.


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